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In October of 2004 I was asked if I would participate in the 'BUTTERFLY INITIATIVE'.
KOCE-TV Orange County, California's PBS affiliate recruited Southern California artists to donate their time to create butterflies with materials of their choosing.  Each artist was provided with a metal stand and a butterfly frame measuring 5 ½ feet across. 
he butterflies were first exhibited at Rogers Garden in Corona Del Mar for the month of February and on March 4th, they were auctioned off to raise funds for  education endowment.  my butterfly featured more than 300 photographs I shot at the Santa Ana Zoo. Eight mosaics of 40-50 photograps grace the top and bottom wings of the butterfly. My "Mosaic Butterfly" was formally dedicated to the Santa Ana Zoo in California on March 5th, 2005 where it stands today.


me and my mosaic butterfly

top of butterfly

underside of butterfly

Dixie delivers me to the unveiling of
the mosaic butterfly
at the Santa Ana Zoo

capabara panel

eagle panel

lemur panel

ostrich panel

sloth panel

coral snake panel

toucan panel

turkey panel

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